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Date                 Type               Miles      Area                                                   Leader(s)


Sunday 9th              Short Day             6.5             South Cerney                                                   Jane

Friday 21st              Shorter Walk        4.5              Seven Springs plus lunch at Hungry Horse    Roy

Wednesday 26th     Half Day               5                 Alderton, Alstone and Dixton                          Janice


Tuesday 1st            Full Day               5                 Andoversford New Year's Day Celebration     Jane/Andrew

Sunday 13th           Half Day               5                 Nailsworth                                                       Jane

Friday 18th             Shorter Walk        4.5              Queen's Wood and Haunted Prestbury          Jean

Sunday 27th           Half Day               5.5              Painswick Hill and Valley                               Geoff


Sunday 10th           Half Day               6                 The Romans to the Tudors, Winchcombe     Geoff

Friday 22nd            Shorter Walk        5                 Sherborne NT Estate                              Stephen/Rosemary

Sunday 24th           Half Day               5.5              Guiting Power                                                Janice


Sunday 10th           Half Day               5.5              Caudle Green and Syde                                Geoff

Friday 15th             Shorter Walk        5                 Sandhurst Hill, Norton                                    Jean

Sunday 24th           Half Day               5                 Arlingham and River Severn                          Jane


Friday 5th                Shorter Walk       5                 Blue Plaques of Cheltenham                          Andrew

Sunday 14th            Full Day              8.5              Stanton, Snowshill and Buckland                    Mike/Jean

Sunday 28th            Full Day              7                 Nature In Art, Sandhurst, Bishops Norton       Peter


Friday 3rd                Shorter Walk      4                 Bourton and Wyck Rissington                          Jane

Sunday 12th            Morning              5                 Kilkenny near Andoversford                             Janet/Peter

Sunday 26th            Full Day              7.5              Tewkesbury River Avon                                   Keith/Irene

Extracts from "The Secrets of Countryside Access" published by the Ramblers

Some popular misconceptions regarding footpaths:

A stile indicates the existence of a public footpath.

     Stiles are sometimes erected, other than on public paths, solely for a landowner’s personal convenience.

If a path is not walked for a certain number of years, then it will cease to exist.

     A public path will only cease to exist after it has been officially extinguished.

If a path is not visible on the ground, then it does not exist.

     What does exist is a public right. There does not have to be any physical presence.

A path crosses my land, so I can close it if I want to.

     Virtually all rights of way cross private land, but a farmer or landowner cannot close a path by taking unilateral action.

 And finally All ramblers must wear bobble hats!

     Only if all farmers insist on tying up their trousers with a piece of string!

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