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Date                     Type               Miles       Area                                                             Leader(s)


Sunday 9th                   Short Walk          5                Plus Visit to Jet Age Museum (Bus Ramble)                 Keith/Irene

Sunday 23rd                 Full Day              5.75 morning           Thames Path - Lechlade                                   Jane/Andrew

                                  (Figure of 8)           3 afternoon


Friday 5th                     Morning                4.5               Buzzards on the Beacon (Haresfield)                          Jean   

Sunday 14th                 Full Day                5                  Much Marcle, Kempley plus visit to Westons Cider Mill    Andrew/Jane

Sunday 28th                 Full Day                8                  The Slaughters                                                            Roy


Sunday 11th                Half Day                5.5                'Thankful Village' near Bourton                                   John

Friday 16th                  Full Day                 3                   Plus Visit National Trust HQs Swindon                      Andrew/Jane

Sunday 25th                Half Day                5                  Apperley                                                            Stephen/Rosemary


Sunday 9th                  Short Day              6.5               South Cerney                                                              Jane

Friday 21st                   Half Day                4.5                Seven Springs plus lunch at Hungry Horse               Roy

Wednesday 26th          Half Day               5                    Alderton, Alstone and Dixton                                     Janice


Tuesday 1st                  Full Day               5                    Andoversford New Year's Day Celebration                Jane/Andrew

Sunday 13th                 Half Day               5                    Nailsworth                                                                   Jane

Friday 18th                   Half Day               4.5                 Queen's Wood and Haunted Prestbury                       Jean

Sunday 27th                 Half Day               5.5                 Painswick Hill and Valley                                             Geoff



Extracts from "The Secrets of Countryside Access" published by the Ramblers

Some popular misconceptions regarding footpaths:

A stile indicates the existence of a public footpath.

            Stiles are sometimes erected, other than on public paths, solely for a landowner’s personal convenience.

If a path is not walked for a certain number of years, then it will cease to exist.

            A public path will only cease to exist after it has been officially extinguished.

If a path is not visible on the ground, then it does not exist.

            What does exist is a public right.  There does not have to be any physical presence.

A path crosses my land, so I can close it if I want to.

            Virtually all rights of way cross private land, but a farmer or landowner cannot close a path  by
taking unilateral action


            . . . . . . . . .  and finally

All ramblers must wear bobble hats!

            Only if all farmers insist on tying up their trousers with a piece of string!

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