About Us


The Cotswold Rambling Club was founded in 1925.  It is affiliated to the Ramblers.


The Club caters for all age groups.  Membership is approximately 120 and although attendance on rambles varies considerably, it is usually about 15 to 25 members. 


The affairs of the Club are conducted by a Committee elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.  The Committee consists of a Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Rambles Co-ordinator, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster and five Committee Members.  The rules concerning the administration of the Club's affairs are detailed in the Constitution and Rules document. 


The annual subscription which covers membership from the date of payment until 30th September next, is at present £5.00 for single persons or for a family living at the same address. There is also a joining fee and a late renewal fee of £1.00.  The Membership Secretary is responsible for collecting the subscriptions.  A Newsletter/Programme is published three times a year covering events for the ensuing four months.


The Rambles Co-ordinator receives walk details for inclusion in the Newsletter from any member of the Club who wishes to lead a walk .  Guidance from experienced leaders is always willingly given. The normal pattern is for half or full day rambles to take place on the second,  fourth and sometimes the fifth Sundays of each month.  Mid-week short walks are also included in the Programme and we enjoy holidays and social events.

Distances walked on rambles varies from approximately 5 to 10 miles.



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